About Amber


Hey there!

I’m Amber. An adventurer, flea market addict, fur-mama to a rambunctious aussie dog named Scout and a lover of all things colorful.

My greatest inspirations come from vibrant mid-century art + watercolor, Wes Anderson films, and soulful black and white photographs from the early era of photography. So I guess it makes sense that my work is "vibrantly soulful".

I have had a camera glued to my hands since I was fourteen. It was Christmas morning, before my dad was to take my siblings and I on a trip to San Francisco. I wasn’t expecting a film camera, and was completely shocked to receive one. He somehow knew that above all else, this was something I needed. I still remember sitting in the front seat with him on the morning of the new millennium, leaning out the window capturing the sunrise that day – the colors were so vibrant and intoxicating. I knew, in that very moment, I was completely hooked. My journey continued through my late teens, finding myself immersed in the darkroom, printing black and white images of old warehouses, vintage cars, and my family – the things that I was and still am most inspired by.

When did I fall in love with wedding photography? It wasn’t until I traveled to India in 2011 to attend a dear friend’s wedding. I had graduated from art school three years prior with a BFA in photography but as most post-grads do, I found myself lost and confused about my place in the art world. This experience transformed me. She invited me as a guest but asked me to also photograph the day in my own way. I had never documented a wedding before and completely fell in love with capturing the raw emotion + romance of the day. Also, imagine a wedding in India – the colors, textures + patterns were mesmerizing! This was a pivotal time when I knew what my role in photography would be documenting love and life. Bringing life to those surreal moments of awe for years to come.

I have been documenting vibrant and soulful weddings + lifestyle imagery ever since.

My favorite weddings are laid back + intimate affairs, whether it be outdoors or inside a unique space. I love couples who forge their own path, stay true to who they are, and let their love shine versus falling in line with trends and traditions. Also, I can’t deny, I love a great DIY wedding!

When it comes to your wedding, I would be nothing short of honored to capture the big special parts and the little moments in between. Let’s get to know one another better. Connect with me + tell me about your love and the celebration you are planning. I look forward to it!