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When it comes to your wedding, I would be nothing short of honored to capture the big special parts and the little moments in between. I love couples who forge their own path, stay true to who they are, and let their love shine versus falling in line with trends and traditions.

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“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” - dr. Seuss /// many moons ago in our first few months of dating, Ramana took me to we browsed a gift shop he pulled out a card that said this quote and showed it to me. I just looked at him and beamed with joy. Forever one of my favorite moments from our early days. 📸: @emilydelamater

California Dreaming 🌻has anyone seen the documentary Echo in the Canyon about all the folk groups from the 60s who lived in Laurel Canyon? Makes me want to take another trip to LA just to drive up there (I’m a 60s folk fanatic). This trip last summer to Joshua Tree and LA was pretty dreamy too though.

Final dress fitting is today! Eep! Now I’m over here trying to figure out how many disposable camera types I can have at our reception - for other photo nerds, ilford hp5 has a disposable camera now 😍. Going to take a note from one of my recent groom and bring my holga too. Ok I’m having some serious photographer getting married problems over here. Oy vey.

Hey clients! There’s a site wide sale on all galleries and ALL types of printed goods in the gallery right now! Use the code YOUSAVE at check out for 25% off everything (even leather and velvet albums!). And you can play and design yourself! If your gallery was on pixieset, it’s been transferred to a new gallery with a ton of goodies you can order. If you didn’t get the email - let me know and I’ll send it over! ❤️❤️ Don’t let your photos sit on the computer, print those babies! 🌻

Lets talk wedding cakes and desserts! How many of you opted for other treats vs cake at your wedding? Or did you have both? We’re on the fence... love the cutting of the cake for photos — but also really into the idea of king cake macarons for our NOLA wedding 😍😍

I love a solid family portrait. Can’t get over their dog Royal’s expression here. Melts me. Also, I’m getting married in 3 weeks and the fact that we decided not to invite Scout to NOLA breaks my heart..but really she’s a terror and would cry her head off through the whole ceremony and demand the center of attention. Soooo....🤣

If you come across a photobooth by yourself, always take the opportunity to jump in. Love this memory from NYC last fall when I wandered around the village and explored the Whitney museum alone. I filled my cup with inspiration that day.

Right after their first look. See more of this delightful wedding in my stories today 🌻 Also - behind the scenes tidbit: I shot this one without a second shooter - Your girl was buzzing around like a bee. 🐝 I am pretty proud of how I did getting every angle possible on my own.

I’ve been trying to be more in tune with my gut lately vs falling in line with what the rest of the world is doing in the wedding photo industry. Less scrolling on Instagram, more honing into why I started doing photography to begin with 20 years ago - when I 14 years old, dipping my hands in fixer in the darkroom, with butterflies waiting for my prints to develop. My biggest goal is that your images feel special, distinctly different, that they bring back all the emotions when you look at them — and they they transcend time. If I can create that for my clients, I’m one happy camper.

Here’s to a new year! I’ve been listening to the Zombies “this will be our year” on repeat lately. For so many reasons I truly believe it will. Also I get to marry my favorite human in a month 🥰. I’m ready to conquer you 2020 🌻