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When it comes to your wedding, I would be nothing short of honored to capture the big special parts and the little moments in between. I love couples who forge their own path, stay true to who they are, and let their love shine versus falling in line with trends and traditions.

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New website, who dis? I’ve been craving a fresh slate and so I made the leap and switched hosting and did a clean sweep with a brand new site thanks to @go_spacecraft. I’m still transferring galleries but it’s there and it’s so fresh and pretty. Hello, 🌵✨

Wedding season takes off for me this weekend! Until December, I’ll be glued to my camera and editing screen. I do have a tiny break to head to NYC next month for a few days and a shoot in Colorado after that! But really I’m just excited to get busy after a little bit of a break this summer. Feeling inspired and renewed. Let’s do this 🌻

A couple of years ago this photo made the cover of Brides Magazines 50 most epic wedding photos. It was one of those “WHAT!!” moments in my career. 🥰 This was shot during the blue hour which can be even more romantic than golden hour folks. Gimme all the lighting, I’ll make it work.

As we begin to plan our own nuptials I think back on pieces of the hundreds of weddings I’ve documented that have really resonated with me. Truthfully, times when my clients are able to just hang with their loved ones without a tight schedule and multiple things planned through out the reception tend to be my fav. Let the good conversation flow and be sure to squeeze all the people you love. It’s so rare to be able to embrace everyone you love in one space.

And just like that my eighth year of being a business owner lady has arrived. It’s always a bit surreal to think back to how it all began - the tears, fears, jobs that I hated, confusion about where my path was meant to lead. I quite literally found myself in a position of panic at 26. I hated my job working in sales, I had a BFA in photography I wasn’t using, and I felt like I was wasting away not pursuing my passion. But the idea of making it work was terrifying. It wasn’t until @emilydelamater called me up out of the blue with a broken ankle needing help shooting 5 weddings in 2 weeks that I realized there was a possibility for me to do this for a living. I sat on it for about 5 minutes, then promptly quit my job and left for Maine. I had no plan, not much money saved, but a whole lot of passion and drive. When I got back from shooting those weddings with her I knew this was it and dove head first into making this business a reality. Somehow I’ve made it 8 years without really advertising my business - it’s all thanks to the support of you all amazing clients referring me and other vendors support. THANK YOU. Because of you all I’m living my dream and I’m one lucky gal. You’re the best. Cheers to all my amazing clients over the past means the world to me to be able to capture your lives! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Watching my sister become a mom has been such a beautiful experience. She’s a natural. I love that I was able to capture them in the hospital doing all the things for the first time and just loving on this little man. There’s so much magic in those first few days when you’re just starting to figure each other out. He’s perfect.

Some major life updates lately! Became an aunt and got engaged within one week. 🥰 Feeling all the feels and gratitude for what’s coming our way. Can’t believe it’s my turn to plan a wedding - elopement or big Indian/Christian fusion wedding, that is the question. Kinda on the fence! But dang, just so excited to spend my life with this guy. He’s the best ever.

These two did things their own way while also honoring her Christian roots and his Hindu heritage. It made for some of the best this one where his mom is blessing them at the end of their Christian ceremony. Do it how you want to folks, there’s no rules when it comes to YOUR day.

Hello! I’m Amber and I live for color. For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with vibrant colors and patterns. It’s so interesting to see the trend of muted shades take over - and I’m totally digging all the earthy tones in fashion and decor and everything really... but this palette will always be more me. Vibrant, playful, soulful will always be my motto in life and work.