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When it comes to your wedding, I would be nothing short of honored to capture the big special parts and the little moments in between. I love couples who forge their own path, stay true to who they are, and let their love shine versus falling in line with trends and traditions.

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Not going to deliver myself in the shot to the client, it will get cropped 🙃 but I love sharing these little behind the scenes snippets with you all. Love these moments with parents pre-ceremony. I keep thinking about my own wedding in a few months and the moments with my dad I look forward to so much. Look how proud he is! 😍

“We want our day to feel fully candid”..this is a statement I’ve been hearing more and more and it is EVERYTHING. “Less focus on details, more on the people, the emotions. The people are our priority” is another. All of these words make my heart sing. These two had the most surreal, special day yesterday. And though I did lure them into a field to get a few of these shots after the ceremony at sunset, the entire day was shot in a fully candid way. I love when couples trust me to capture their day in the most honest, organic way. It really is where I thrive as an artist.

I swear this girl was just as zen all day as she looks in this photo. I’m editing her wedding and just keep thinking how serene it all felt.. 🧘‍♂️#zenbride should be my clients hashtag. I’m lucky to have the kindest gals.

Family sessions. I need to share them more on here because they truly have my heart. Just as I get giddy when I’m shootings my couples, shots like this make my heart crazy happy too. It goes by in a flicker..make sure these moments are documented folks. My goal with family sessions is similar to weddings, let’s keep it chill. Let’s have fun and create magic - nothing that feels contrived or too posed. At home is my favorite - just hanging out, free to be you. Let the kids be kids and I’ll document your life as it is. The imperfect is beautiful, I promise you. That’s what you’ll want to look back on in 30 years.

It’s been such a fun experience being on the other side of weddings as a bride myself. Planning a wedding in 4 months, in another city no less. But some things I’ve learned along the way: don’t stress about the details, incorporate the ones who matter most (were keeping it to 35), hire a photographer who you love (I spent nearly half my budget on my photographer and it’s the best decision ever), and most importantly - it’s your day, do whatever YOU want! We’re doing brunch with the whole gang then going out dancing that night with whoever wants to come. Moral of the story, you do you. 🥰

A cake was placed on every table for the guests to dive in to. How unique is that? On top of that, the brides mama made the cakes and and pretty much everything was DIY - friends did music, flowers, etc. I can’t help but be completely smitten by these colors too. You know I love some vibrant shades of pink. 🥰