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When it comes to your wedding, I would be nothing short of honored to capture the big special parts and the little moments in between. I love couples who forge their own path, stay true to who they are, and let their love shine versus falling in line with trends and traditions.

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I can’t wait til the day comes when I can go home and hug my siblings and parents. If one thing comes of this it will be that I’ll never take for granted my families hugs and health. //// in order to give us all a little love right now (a virtual hug if you will) I’m offering 30% off all galleries. I was able to migrate some older galleries too! So If your wedding or session was up to 4 years ago, reach out if you need help accessing the new one to get the discount! 30% can be used towards albums you can design yourself in the shop (not the one that comes in your collection), prints, canvas, calendars, etc! It’s also a great way to celebrate the people you love AND support yours truly right now! /// As a small business owner, I truly appreciate it! ✨✨✨Use code: BIGLOVE at checkout!

How can I make this obstacle the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me? — It took me a week to let it sink in. To be real, like most of you, I started out feeling completely hopeless. All of my upcoming weddings have been postponed, what am I going to do with myself? Where will my business go from here? I sat on my yoga mat and cried. I was grieving. I felt like my purpose in life had been ripped out from beneath me and I needed to figure out how to survive without it. Then it clicked. When other time in life do we have a forced pause button where we can rediscover old hobbies or find new ones? Educate ourselves about new things without feeling like we’re taking time away from our daily hustle? So I made a list. Here’s the beginning but it will keep growing. And I don’t know what I’ll get to on this list, but as I come out of this pause, I hope to have conquered some of it! — create strict self care routine, walking every day to a podcast, doing yoga — dive into new knowledge, take classes online in a new field, design! — cook, learn how to bake! —- start a garden! —- read more, get taken away by stories —- the list is continuing..but I challenge you to sit down today and write out what you can do for yourself in this time. Why not?

Just dropping in to say I’m here for you all. To my couples who are moving their weddings and fellow business owners who are trying to figure out what comes next. This is heartbreaking. All we can do is be there for each other. I know we could all use some hugs right now. Sending my love to all of you. ❤️

The winter time before spring season hits is always a good time to press re-set - I’ve been trying to organize the office, set up the new computer for editing (can.not.wait), get the dang taxes done, and really just focus on what matters to me in my work and how I can better be a gift to my clients. I’m SO excited to be taking on more family and branding clients this year and booking more intimate weddings too. Also just trying to nourish my creative soul by taking travel opportunities and painting classes, and possibly an interior design class? TBD. Creative juices are flowing, guys. How are you nourishing your soul lately?

GIVEAWAY! Sign up for one of my mini sessions on March 29th at @thewaybackaustin and get entered to win 10 4x6 prints! There’s 3 spots left so hop on it y’all. Also make sure to book brunch at their restaurant after because it’s goooooood. Reach out to me for all the details!

Wanderlust is kicking in and we’re planning trips for the summer months. Mexico City for my birthday and hopefully Maine in July 🌻. Have you spent much time in Mexico City?! Tell me where you loved to stay and if there were things that can’t be missed (outside of Fridas house of course!)

Exciting news! I’m teaming up with @thewaybackaustin to offer mini-sessions on Sunday March 29th! They have a gorgeous piece of paradise in west Austin and it will be perfect for spring time portraits. Spots are very limited. Want in? Email me at 🌻

Happy Mardi Gras! Wishing we could be back there but here’s a fun snap by @emilydelamater showing off our love for NOLA pastries. The King Cake macaroons at our wedding by @saltandlightpastryco were also incredible (as was everything she made for us). ✨ So much love for that enchanting city.

Just a little reminder to book your spring family session soon (my schedule is filling up fassst). It’s the loveliest time in Austin, let’s celebrate your family in the loveliest weather! I’m now offering multiple booking options and I’m happy to send you my investment guide. Reach out for more info! Book by March 1st and get a set of prints as a bonus 🌻

A love letter to dahlias. ✨✨Also this morning marks day 4 of working out this week - which is great for me considering after all the work I did pre-wedding and not really hitting my weight goals (silly mind stuff), I just wanted to slink away from the gym for a while. And I never gave barre classes much credit but they are kicking my butt. So there. Also on my brain: I didn’t stress much about my wedding itself (went off without a hitch thanks to awesome vendors) but I was terribly hard on myself physically for months for not losing the “grief” weight and having hormonal acne - it was upsetting. But you know what? It was ok. I looked great. And I wish I would have let my body be. Because I look at photos and almost gasp wondering if that’s the same person I harped on for months. We’re so cruel to ourselves, aren’t we? Anyway, gonna go get my endorphins going now, happy Saturday. 🌻(insert lizzo song here)