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When it comes to your wedding, I would be nothing short of honored to capture the big special parts and the little moments in between. I love couples who forge their own path, stay true to who they are, and let their love shine versus falling in line with trends and traditions.

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As I get older (and maybe after my aunt passed away and I lost myself in a bit of grief), I’ve come to realize that the photographs that matter most aren’t the details or the beautiful editorial couples portraits, they’re the candids with your loved ones. Those sweet hugs are all I crave when I search for images of my aunt. Just a personal belief and one I hold dear to me. But don’t worry, I love to cover it all 🌻

Many many moons ago in Mexico. This wedding was magic. ✨ Revisiting work I did years ago when I began my business..a different time but still the same eye. Maybe going to blog this again on the new site with my fresh take (the new site maybe has 10 weddings - need to change that!). Whatcha think?

This weather in Austin has been so confused lately, amiright?! One things for sure, all I want is warm coffee and house slippers on while I roll through my to do list. I am working on lots of new things for you guys - including many more openings for lifestyle sessions this spring than in the past, possibly a mini-session date soon (?!), and a blog post about my experience being a bride after shooting so many weddings! Want in on all the latest when it hits? Well, I’m making a newsletter! Please go subscribe at the top of my website (link in bio) and I’ll be sending out all of this and more updates once monthly! 🌻🌻

Spring lifestyle sessions are open for booking! 🌻🌻 Interested in a short + sweet family session at the park or a longer session at home? I offer both! Reach out and I’ll get my lifestyle guide on over to you! Every season of life is worth documenting beautifully. 🥳

I’ve been asked so many times this week “are you anxious, nervous, stressed about your wedding?” And my answer is “not really, just excited!”. We planned our day to be intimate for a reason haha - I don’t handle being in front of a big crowd well, I want lots of one on one time with my family and friends, and I don’t want a ton of moving parts on my big day. I want it to feel simple and stress free. So 30 guests at brunch is soooo us and feels sooo good. We invested well in vendors who we trust and adore and skipped things we don’t care for. No wedding party, no DJ, no first dance (but we are going to a mod dance party that night), all us and not at all what some people expect. And I’m crazy excited. Who says you have to fit into any kind of box? You do you!

I am thinking it’s a sign That freckles in our eyes Are mirror images And when we kiss they’re perfectly aligned ••• And I have to speculate That God himself did make Us into corresponding shapes Like puzzle pieces from the clay ••••name that song••••from my senior year of highschool. I used to rock out to this in my 1989 VW 😂

Hi hello! If you’re new around here, I’m Amber! An adventurer, flea market addict, folk music lover, and mama to a crazy Aussie dog named Scout. I’m also a bride to be myself - it’s a fun ride right? Minus all of the planning, that’s not so fun, so I get it! I’m here to make your life easier. I In addition to shooting your special day, I’m also here to be your supporter. I’ve shot well over 200 weddings in the 9 years I’ve been in business, so I’m full of tips and advice. And being a bride myself I get how important it is to have a photographer who is punctual, in tune with your needs and has the experience to exceed all of your expectations. After all, these memories will last forever. Let’s make some magic together. 🌻