It’s no secret I am obsessed with capturing natural, completely organic family photos. Yes, even the tears and the frowns. I absolutely adore capturing every part of the age your child is and where you are at as a family. Let’s document real life.  For the Jacobs family session, we ventured to the most lovely One Eleven East and just let sweet Mari do her thing. We played with their sweet puppies, ran around in circles, ate a donut, “cleaned” the mirrors, read books, and gave lots of hugs and kisses. When you just let things happen and don’t force the smiles, seriously amazing things can come of it.  Let’s be authentic.  Also, I was super lucky to also shoot their wedding, and before that their engagement photos…it’s always pretty spectacular getting the opportunity follow my clients on their milestones. My heart is full.

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  • Gavin Hostetter Muenzberg

    These are some fantastic photos! are you on yet? I think locals would appreciate your work.