It is kind of hard to believe that just 4 short months ago I was working a full time job doing sales management, a position I never saw myself doing in a million years. To put it mildly, I was incredibly unhappy. I had been doing this ever since I graduated from art school 3 years ago…my father would always comment “why did you get a degree in photography if you weren’t going to use it?”  He was right and photography was all I could think of. I was desperate for an opportunity to arise to allow me to break away and really begin my business. I kept thinking in my head, just save a little more money and then you can do it, you can quit cold turkey…but that leap just terrified me. 

One day back in early July, a day I’ll never forget, I received a text message from an old friend from college.  “Is this still your number, Amber? This is Emily!” We hadn’t spoken in a few years so I was both surprised and extremely excited to hear from her. She continued on to ask me if by any crazy chance I would be available to help her shoot some weddings in Maine during the month of August. She had broken her ankle and needed some assistance. Being that she’s one of the most amazing photographers I know, I was beyond honored that she asked me. At first I thought “There is no way..I have a full time job, I have a career, I have to be responsible”..but after 3 days of pondering the thought, it hit me. Why not go? I live one time. Why not take this opportunity to be in the place I love, with one of the most inspiring people I know, photographing weddings for 3 weeks? Why not move on and take the leap? 

So I did. I quit my job, and I went to Maine. And I came back revitalized and happier than I had seen myself in a long while.  I have since devoted myself to this amazing business that I’ve dreamed of creating since I was just fourteen. And I will never look back…I have Emily to thank for that. 

On one of my last days in Maine, I did a styled photo shoot with Emily at the very same beach we photographed each other at 7 years ago when we first met in art school (it is so hard to believe it has been that long!).  Emily has one amazing wardrobe, let me tell you! I pulled out so many beautiful 1940’s inspired outfits for her to dress up in. Luckily her ankle had healed enough by that point so she could wear her favorite snazzy green heels!  You can see a peek into that photo shoot below. 

xoxo Amber



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