I’m so guilty of rarely blogging my travel images. Heck, I feel like I rarely get around to editing my personal work. This is something I vow to change…I’m already working on getting some prints made from this trip..yes! My sister and I have a tradition of traveling to Europe together..5 times now we have done it and it’s always been such an adventure. Through our 20’s it seemed so easy to make happen, but now that we’re getting into our 30’s and our lives are changing, it seems like these trips might come fewer and further between. Although it can feel stressful making international travel apart of my life, I cherish these experiences like nothing else and I’m so grateful I’ve been able to have them with my sister.

So here is our trip from Cinque Terre, Italy to Barcelona, Spain and Milan, Italy. We spent 10 days there; hiking, eating gelato, drinking wine, eating pasta, eating tapas, mixing up our Spanish and Italian, getting made fun of from locals for mixing up our Spanish and Italian, visiting with Gaudi and embracing the cultures. It feels surreal now looking at these images. I miss swimming in that beautiful sea and gazing up at Gaudi at Park Guell.  Thankfully, I have returned with my pale skin now sun kissed and plenty of images to show of my travels. Here’s to next time.

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