This Gage Hotel and Big Bend elopement was such a dream.  It was a crisp, sunny December day in West Texas when Lauren and Ryan eloped in Big Bend.  They kept it simple and romantic with just me and the local Justice of the Peace present for their vows.  Lauren got ready at the Gage Hotel and then we drove out to Big Bend for their elopement ceremony. The Gage Hotel and Big Bend both hold a special place in my heart and whenever I get the opportunity to shoot out there, especially for amazing Big Bend elopements and intimate weddings, I gladly accept! They just had their baby in February and I just traveled to Dallas to meet him and photograph their little family (can’t wait to share those soon!). I also can’t wait to document their big wedding in Dallas in November! This is what makes me wake up every morning loving my job, ya’ll. 2016-06-09_0001 2016-06-09_00032016-06-09_0004 2016-06-09_0005 2016-06-09_00022016-06-09_0006 2016-06-09_0007 2016-06-09_0009 2016-06-09_00552016-06-09_0010 2016-06-09_0011 2016-06-09_0012 2016-06-09_0013 2016-06-09_0014 2016-06-09_0015 Gage Hotel Wedding Gage Hotel Wedding Gage Hotel Wedding 2016-06-09_0019 2016-06-09_0020 2016-06-09_0021 2016-06-09_0022 Big Bend Elopement2016-06-09_00572016-06-09_00652016-06-09_00642016-06-09_00582016-06-09_00592016-06-09_00302016-06-09_0029 2016-06-09_0038 2016-06-09_0039 Big Bend Elopement Big Bend Elopement 2016-06-09_0048 2016-06-09_00492016-06-09_0050 2016-06-09_0051 2016-06-09_00522016-06-09_0044 2016-06-09_00372016-06-09_00542016-06-09_00422016-06-09_0040

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  • Loni Sproles

    Beautiful window view photos!!