This east Austin engagement session truly holds a special place in my heart. Where to begin? I’ve known Adrienne since we were 9 years old. We met in girl scouts and instantly connected..and have been best of friends ever since. So you know we’ve witnessed the good , the bad…and the awesome in each others lives. When Adrienne first told me about meeting Frede, there was a peace that came over her. She quite literally told me that he was the one nearly one week after their first meeting. They are to be wed in October and I can’t wait to stand by her side as she marries someone who fits her so perfectly. I loved taking them out to east austin for their engagement session. We ran around on 6th street and then followed it up with Bull Creek for that lovely sunset. And you can see the love.. East Austin Engagement East Austin Engagement 2016-05-26_00022016-05-26_0004 2016-05-26_0005 2016-05-26_0006 2016-05-26_0007 East Austin Engagement 2016-05-26_0009 2016-05-26_0010 2016-05-26_0011 2016-05-26_0012 2016-05-26_0013 2016-05-26_0014 2016-05-26_0015 2016-05-26_0016 2016-05-26_0017 2016-05-26_0018 2016-05-26_0019 2016-05-26_0020 2016-05-26_0021age

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