I’ve been daydreaming a lot lately about taking off to Europe with my cameras. I’d take my Rolleiflex, 120 film, my art journals, and I’d stay in an Italian farm house in the Tuscan Valley. Am I a nerd or what? I think I’ve watched “Under the Tuscan Sun” one too many times. I spent a couple of weeks in Italy & Spain two years ago with my sister and fell madly in love with the Amalfi coast but didn’t get to see the beautiful Tuscan Valley (except from a train window on our way up to Venice).  Needless to say, I think about returning there all the time..so I created a little style board inspired by Italy and also by this new dress I just bought at Anthropologie! I’m so in love with it. So this would be my ideal outfit if I picked up and ran off to Italy…I’d say it’s just right. 


My imaginary trip to Italy


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