The second I walked into Sawyer and Co. a few months ago, I just knew it would be the location of my next styled shoot. The diner which has been recently revitalized and given a fun, Palm Springs vibe, is just so playful and cool. I’ve always been a huge fan of 1960’s painters and just love the style of the era.  I imagined a shoot that would be colorful, modern, playful, inspired by painters such as Cy Twombly, yet still classic.  I was so thrilled to get amazing people on board, including: Gypsy Floral and Design, Annabelle Mode, Trashy Roots Salon, Stationary Bakery, Sophie’s Choice Bakery, and Frock on Vintage.  Callisto Griffith was the perfect model and just honed Megan from Mad Men’s sexy cool vibe.  I’m so excited to show off this shoot and so grateful for all involved!2015-01-29_00072015-01-29_00142015-01-29_00262015-01-29_0001 2015-01-29_0002 2015-01-29_0003 2015-01-29_0013 2015-01-29_0010 2015-01-29_00092015-01-29_0015 2015-01-29_00062015-01-29_0016 2015-01-29_0017 2015-01-29_00112015-01-29_0018 2015-01-29_0019 2015-01-29_0020 2015-01-29_0022 2015-01-29_0023 2015-01-29_0024 2015-01-29_0025

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