I absolutely love 1930’s design and fashion. And I love Ireland. So the concept has always been brewing in me to do a shoot that fused the two. The film Atonement came to mind when I started planning this shoot, and though it wasn’t set in Ireland, the deep greens in that film really spoke to me.  That’s when Hillside Farmacy popped into mind as the perfect location to do the shoot.  I was so excited that Gypsy Floral, Fine Day Press, Trashy Roots Salon and The Ivy Retreat were able to contribute to making this dream unfold. It landed a feature on Junebug Weddings too, and I feel so honored. Thank you so much to all involved!2016-08-15_00022016-08-15_00062016-08-15_0001 2016-08-15_00272016-08-15_0003 2016-08-15_0004 2016-08-15_0005 2016-08-15_00262016-08-15_0007 2016-08-15_0008 2016-08-15_0009 2016-08-15_0010 2016-08-15_0011 2016-08-15_0013 2016-08-15_0014 2016-08-15_0015 2016-08-15_0016 2016-08-15_0017 2016-08-15_0018 2016-08-15_0019 2016-08-15_0020 2016-08-15_00122016-08-15_0021 2016-08-15_0022 2016-08-15_0023 2016-08-15_0024 2016-08-15_0025 2016-08-15_0028 2016-08-15_0029 2016-08-15_0030 2016-08-15_0031 2016-08-15_0032 2016-08-15_0033 2016-08-15_0034

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